Trivago is a leading hotel metasearch engine that enables travelers to compare hotel prices from 1.3 million hotels across 190 countries. Founded by a team from Dusseldorf, Germany, in January 2005, the website quickly gained popularity and became the leading hotel metasearch in 50 countries.

By 2015, the website was generating over $500 million per year, and as of April 2016, it had employed more than 1000 individuals and had a campus in Dusseldorf. Today, Trivago is the go-to website for travelers, with over 120 million visitors each month. This guide will provide useful tips on how to use Trivago to discover better hotel deals, especially when traveling to Dubai.

Searching for Hotel Deals on Trivago

Trivago is a website that helps travelers find the best hotel deals by comparing rates from different websites. To start the search process, users simply need to enter their destination city and travel dates, and hit the search button. Trivago will then display a list of hotels in the area, along with their rates.

To help users refine their search results, Trivago offers a variety of filter options. These filters include price, distance from landmarks, facilities, and star categories. This allows users to easily find the type of accommodation that suits their needs and budget.

In addition to displaying rates and filter options, Trivago also provides users with images and reviews of the hotels. This helps users to get a better understanding of the hotel and its amenities before making a booking.

It is important to note that Trivago is not a booking website. After finding the best deal, users will need to click the “view deal” button to be redirected to the official booking site. Trivago only serves as a search and price comparison website.

Overall, Trivago is a great tool for travelers looking to find the best hotel deals. With its user-friendly interface and extensive filter options, users can easily find the perfect accommodation for their trip.

How to Use the Trivago Filters to Find Hotels in Dubai

Trivago provides a simple and efficient way to find the best hotels in Dubai. The website offers various filters to help users narrow down their search results. The most common filters are located at the top of the page and include resort star rating, price, guest opinions, and resort location. By default, the resort location is set to the city center.

To access more filters, users can click on the “more filters” option located on the right-hand side of the page. This will provide users with additional filter options such as hotels with swimming pools or free Wi-Fi.

It is important to use the search filters properly to avoid missing out on the best hotels in Dubai. However, overusing the filters can result in irrelevant search results. With numerous hotels in Dubai, a simple search can provide users with a long list of hotels that cost less than $200 per night and have excellent guest scores. Additionally, many of these hotels offer complimentary Wi-Fi and on-site dining establishments.

By utilizing the Trivago filters, users can easily find the best hotels in Dubai that meet their specific needs and preferences.

Why Use Trivago to Find Deals in Dubai

Trivago is a metasearch engine that offers over 1.3 million hotels on its data source, making it a great platform to find deals in Dubai or any part of the UAE. Here are some of the reasons why using Trivago can help you find the best hotel deals in Dubai.

Landmark Proximity Function

One of the most important features of Trivago is its “landmark proximity” function, which informs you of the closeness of each hotel to famous landmarks in Dubai. For instance, if you are interested in staying close to Burj Khalifa, Trivago will provide you with a list of hotels that are in close proximity to the landmark. This feature can be very helpful during your planning phase, as it can save you time and money by ensuring that you stay close to the places you want to visit.

Enhanced Search Options

Trivago provides users with effective filtering options that help to narrow down the results and eliminate irrelevant listings. The site also offers inspirational information and quality listings, making it easier for users to decide on their destinations. Additionally, the search functionality offers users the option to filter results by price, rating, or distance, which ensures that they get accurate results.

Many Travel Partners

Trivago features listings from over 200 separate websites, making it a comprehensive platform for hotel comparison. This feature ensures that users get better accommodation deals and can find the best hotel deals in Dubai. With Trivago, users can be confident that they are getting the most comprehensive and reliable results.

In summary, Trivago is an excellent platform for finding the best hotel deals in Dubai. With its landmark proximity function, enhanced search options, and many travel partners, users can be confident that they are getting the most comprehensive and reliable results.

The Trivago App

The Trivago App is a convenient tool for travelers looking for affordable hotel options in Dubai. With just one tap, users can access hundreds of hotels and car hire services. The app eliminates the need for a computer, making it easy to search for hotels on the go.

One of the app’s standout features is its map function, which allows users to explore Dubai and find hotels located close to them. This makes it an excellent choice for those in need of last-minute hotel bookings.

In addition to its search and map functions, the Trivago App also allows users to read customer reviews from various booking sites without leaving the app. This feature provides valuable insights into the quality of hotels and helps users make informed decisions.

The Trivago App is available for free on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Its user-friendly interface and convenient features make it a must-have for any traveler visiting Dubai.

Wrap Up

Trivago is a hotel search engine that scours the web for the best deals on hotels in Dubai and other parts of the world. By searching lesser-known hotel booking sites in addition to popular ones like Priceline, Expedia, and, Trivago provides a comprehensive list of options. However, it is important to scrutinize the results to ensure that the best deals are not being hidden. The mobile app offers an easier way to search for hotels, and the app also has unique features such as a search map and filter options. With Trivago, travelers can find the best hotel deals and plan their trips with ease.