Monthly Car Rental Dubai

Are you searching for the best monthly car rental in Dubai? Look no further than GMZ Car Rental, your go-to solution for affordable and convenient car hire services. Our extensive range of vehicles ensures that you find the perfect car for your needs, whether it’s a family vacation, business trip, or an extended stay in Dubai.

At GMZ Car Rental, we understand the importance of flexibility and cost-effectiveness when it comes to long-term car rentals. Our monthly car rental options are tailored to provide you with the most competitive rates in the market. We offer cheap car rental in Dubai on a monthly basis without compromising on the quality of our vehicles or services.

Why choose GMZ Car Rental for your monthly car rental needs in Dubai?

  1. Wide Range of Vehicles: Select from our diverse fleet of well-maintained cars, ensuring you find the perfect vehicle to suit your preferences and requirements.

  2. Affordable Prices: Enjoy cost-effective monthly car rental prices that fit your budget. We pride ourselves on offering competitive rates without compromising on the quality of service.

  3. No Deposit Car Rental: Unlike other car rental services, GMZ Car Rental offers no deposit car rental options, making it hassle-free for you to get on the road without a hefty upfront payment.

  4. Long-Term Car Lease Options: Looking for extended flexibility? Explore our long-term car lease options, providing you with even greater savings and convenience.

  5. Convenient Locations: With multiple pickup and drop-off locations, including hotel apartments in Dubai on a monthly basis, GMZ Car Rental ensures your convenience throughout your stay.

  6. Transparent Pricing: Our rental car rates are transparent, with no hidden fees. You can trust GMZ Car Rental for straightforward pricing and excellent value for your money.

Whether you need a car for a month or an extended period, GMZ Car Rental is committed to providing the best car rental services in Dubai. Don’t miss out on our monthly car rental offers that guarantee you a stress-free and enjoyable driving experience.

Contact GMZ Car Rental today and experience the freedom of having a reliable and affordable car at your disposal throughout your stay in Dubai. Drive with confidence, drive with GMZ Car Rental.


Porsche 718 GTS

AED1500 / day

Ferrari SF90 Spider

AED9500 / day

Rolls-Royce Dawn

AED3500 / day

Monthly Car Rental Dubai

Acquiring a vehicle can be a considerable expense, especially in a bustling metropolis like Dubai, where the costs extend beyond the initial purchase to include insurance, maintenance, and various registration fees. However, there is an alternative approach that appeals to those wishing for a simpler solution. Monthly car rentals offer the convenience of a personal vehicle without the long-term financial commitment. This service simplifies not only the acquisition but also eliminates the additional responsibilities that come with car ownership.

Companies such as Rental Cars UAE are revolutionizing the way people drive, providing flexible monthly packages that allow customers to select from an extensive fleet of vehicles. This model grants the user the liberty to drive the car as if it were their own, free from the obligations tied to insurance and maintenance. Each month presents new deals, inviting drivers to embrace the ease of changing their vehicle according to their preference or needs.

The Advantages of Monthly Car Hire

Economical Driving Solutions

  • Premium Selection: Variants such as premium, standard, and basic to fit fiscal plans.
  • Tailored Packages: Customization options cater to individual financial circumstances.

Absence of Maintenance Duties

  • Cost-Efficient: Monthly fees encapsulate all maintenance outlays.
  • Hassle-free: Eliminates the need for personal investment in vehicle upkeep.

Fleet with Latest Models

  • Diverse Range: Broad selection ranging from sedans to SUVs.
  • Latest Trends: Access to the most recent car models catering to diverse preferences.

Consistent Availability

  • Time Savings: Omit repetitive booking procedures.
  • Financial Advantage: Cost benefits associated with continuous monthly hiring.

Flexibility in Vehicle Selection

  • Change Ease: Ability to swap cars monthly if desired.
  • Non-restrictive: No waiting for current car availability or sale.

Monthly Vehicle Leasing Services in UAE

Rental Cars UAE offers a comprehensive monthly car leasing service designed to cater to the diverse transportation requirements in a bustling metropolis. Understanding the impracticality of relying excessively on taxis due to high costs and wait times, along with the daunting financial and practical responsibilities that come with vehicle ownership, this service presents a viable alternative.

By choosing this service, customers can benefit from:

  • A diverse selection of cars ranging from high-demand models to premium brands, encompassing different styles such as sedans, crossovers, and hatchbacks.
  • Cost-effective monthly rates that provide affordable access to personal transportation.
  • Streamlined processes for signing and managing rental agreements.
  • The flexibility to change rental vehicles as needed.
  • Zero maintenance costs, with all upkeep handled by Rental Cars UAE.
  • Round-the-clock customer support and on-the-road assistance for any issues.
  • Options to extend rental agreements and other customer conveniences upon request.

Customers can simply pick a vehicle that suits their taste and needs, and join the service without delay.


How can I rent a car without a deposit in Dubai?

If you prefer not to pay a security deposit, you can rent a car from GMZ Car rental.

What happens if you get in an accident in a rental car?

In the event of an accident, it is crucial to call the police immediately. The authorities will provide a police report, which is necessary for the car rental company to process a vehicle replacement.

How long does it take to deliver a rental car?

Typically, car rental delivery takes about 60 minutes. GMZ car rental offers free delivery if you book for 30 days or more.

How can I sign up for promotions?

You can contact customer support via WhatsApp or email to learn more for promotions.

How do I redeem a discount coupon code?

If you do not have a discount code, click on contact with support and get if there is any coupon code from the company, copy and paste the code while booking online.

When do I get my deposit back?

GMZ Car Rental offers the cheapest rent a car in dubai without deposit.

What is needed to rent a car in Dubai?

For tourists on a visit visa, you need to provide a passport, tourist visa/entry stamp, and a driving license/international driver’s permit. Residents need to provide the same documents, with an Emirates ID instead of a visa.

Can you rent a car without a credit card?

Yes, you can rent a car without a credit card through the card capture option. In this case, no upfront payment is required, and we will charge for Salik (toll), fines, etc., as needed.

Will my personal data be shared with other companies?

No, we do not share customers’ personal or financial details with anyone, including our staff. Your data is used solely for security and paperwork purposes.

How much discount will I get if I book for three months?

You need to contact the support team.

How much is the monthly car rental in Dubai?

Monthly car rental costs in Dubai vary depending on the type of car. With GMZ Car Rental,you need to contact the team.

Is it cheaper to rent a car in Dubai monthly?

Generally, renting a car monthly is cheaper than renting for shorter periods. The longer you rent, the more discounts you can receive.

How much does it cost to rent a car for a month in Dubai?

The average cost to rent a car for a month in Dubai depends. For an exact cost, please contact our customer service agent.

Why is a monthly rental deal better?

Monthly rental deals are often better than long-term leases due to their flexibility. With a monthly rental, you can change the rental agreement or end it at any time.