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The 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost Mansory epitomizes not just automotive excellence but transcends into a realm of unparalleled comfort and sophistication. Imagine this sleek, all-wheel-drive sedan, cloaked in a deep black hue, powered by a robust V12 engine that propels it from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 4.6 seconds. With an impressive 592 horsepower under the hood and a top speed of 280 km/h, it’s poised to redefine your business excursions amidst the vibrant cityscape of Dubai.

What truly distinguishes this luxury vehicle is the meticulous craftsmanship by the renowned German company Mansory. The striking body kit, adorned with a carbon fiber hood and daring side extensions, elevates its aerodynamic prowess to unprecedented levels. The Rolls-Royce Ghost Mansory captivates with its gleaming wheels, commanding bumpers, and the iconic vertical grille, ensuring it commands attention in any setting.

Step into the cabin, and you’re enveloped in an interior adorned in sumptuous terracotta tones, with a ceiling reminiscent of a star-studded night sky, accentuating the opulence of your journey. This exclusive Rolls-Royce from our esteemed fleet is the epitome of luxury for your executive travels.

Embark on an extraordinary driving experience with this extravagant automobile—serene and authoritative on the outside, while exuding refinement and athleticism within. Ready to make a statement? Secure your rental today by reaching out to us on WhatsApp or ordering through our user-friendly website.


How much does it cost to rent a Rolls-Royce Ghost Mansory?

1–3 days: AED 3500 per day
4–7 days: AED 3150 per day
8–14 days: AED 2800 per day
15–29 days: AED 2450 per day
30+ days: AED 2100 per day

Can I rent a Rolls-Royce Ghost Mansory for a day?

Yes, the minimum rental period for a car is one day.

What type of insurance will I receive by default?

Our company provides insurance that offers full compensation for losses incurred through no fault of the user.

What is the charge for crossing the Salik gate?

Crossing the Salik gate incurs a fee of 5 AED, already included in your rental price for hassle-free city travel.

Is there a mileage limit for Rolls-Royce Ghost Mansory rentals?

The permissible driving distance per day is 300 km.

What is the minimum age limit to rent a Rolls-Royce Ghost Mansory in Dubai?

Sports car rental is available to clients aged at least 18 years.

Can I have a Rolls-Royce Ghost Mansory delivered to my hotel or the airport?

Enjoy the convenience of a full tank and timely delivery of the car to any convenient location in the city, including hotels and the airport, courtesy of our services.

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