Sharjah, the third most populous city in the UAE, is a hub for expats and tourists throughout the year, leading to heavy traffic. Whether you’re living in Sharjah or visiting for a vacation, it’s crucial to be aware of the Sharjah traffic fines.

It’s imperative for locals and tourists looking to rent a car in Sharjah to understand the essential protocols and potential issues they can avoid while driving.

7 Traffic Fines You Need to Be Aware Of

Over Speeding:

Over speeding is dangerous and can result in severe accidents. Be mindful of speed limits, which vary across different routes. Exceeding the set speed limit can result in a fine of up to 700 AED. Always observe speed limit signs to avoid fines related to over speeding.


The UAE has stringent parking rules. Be cautious about where you park and be aware of restricted parking areas. Parking in no-parking zones or restricted lanes for handicapped, ambulances, and fire exits can result in a fine of up to 1000 AED and four black points.

Mobile Usage:

Using a mobile phone while driving is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious accidents. If caught using a mobile phone while driving, you will face a fine of 200 AED and four black points.

Red Light Violation:

Traffic signals are essential for road safety. Violating traffic signals can lead to traffic jams and accidents. Red light violations can result in a fine of 800 AED, four black points, and vehicle confiscation.

Underage Kid on the Front Seat:

In the UAE, children below ten years are not allowed to sit in the front seat to prevent injuries during accidents. Having an underage child in the front seat can result in a fine of 400 AED and four black points.


Littering from vehicles is unethical and illegal, causing environmental pollution. The fine for littering is up to 500 AED with four black points.

Driving While Intoxicated:

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is extremely reckless and endangers lives. Offenders can face license cancellation, court-decided penalties, and 24 black points.

Bottom Line

Driving is essential but should be done responsibly, no matter where you are. Following Sharjah traffic rules protects you, your family, and others on the road. These strict laws and fines are designed to promote caution and responsibility.

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